Octopus Hair Clips

Octopus Hair Clips. Hold your hair in place:The octopus hair clips are simple but stylish. Never done hair clips before and it took a bit to figure out to use the disks to attach it but I really like the effect.

Octopus Hair Clip Fascinator Steampunk by CreativeCaboodle
Octopus Hair Clip Fascinator Steampunk by CreativeCaboodle (Myrtie Rogers)
Custom Octopus Hair Clips Originally uploaded by Noadi - noadi.net I've been a fan of Noadi's Art for a while now. This is a HAND SCULPTED RESIN OCTOPUS hair clip! I personally really like the purple one but it doesn't look so good with my current hair color.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Nothing holds long, thick hair in place like a scünci octopus clip.

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Brown Tortoise plastic Big octopus hair clip barrette

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Octopus hair clip

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Brass Octopus hair clip

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Octopus hair clip

Octopus Hair Clip | Fake Food Japan

Needed a solution to gather hair ties in our ocean-themed bathroom. As each is handmade they will all have their own unique personality. Transform your kid's old and boring hair clips into cute and lovely DIY sea animal hair clips having vegetable printing with this quick and super simple.