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Curling Iron Vs Wand. I can imagine it sounds confusing - why use curling wands as opposed to curling irons? Wand barrel shape: Shape of the curling barrel is tapered in front of wands.

Curling Wand Barrel Sizes Comparison - Morgan Bullard
Curling Wand Barrel Sizes Comparison - Morgan Bullard (Logan Hall)
Curling Wands: How to Use Each for Perfect Curls and Waves. Curling wand (hair curler) and curling iron share a lot of similarities. Hey guys, i have a curling iron at my house that i sometimes use, but i doesnt work that great on my hair.

I have used different hair styling tools in my profession as a hair stylist which includes.

Curling wands and curling irons are both useful hot tools to style your hair — but when should you swap one for the other?

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Hair styling tools are probably the most genius inventions that we have been blessed with. A curling iron has a clamp attached, while a wand doesn't. I had finally mastered my curling iron and then this new tool comes along.