Nume Hair Straightener

Nume Hair Straightener. Tame your mane with the best hair straighteners & flat irons in the industry. A multipurpose hair straightener that lets you curl your hair too.

NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener - Turquoise - Curling ...
NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener - Turquoise - Curling ... (Allen Aguilar)
You know- not all NuMe hair straighteners are cut from the same cloth. NuMe Megastar can be used for versatile. Here at NuMe, we believe great hair starts with great styling tools.

The must-have NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener is truly the best styling tool on the market and will make your daily hair routine quick and easy.

The Fashionista Hair Straightener features high-quality tourmaline ceramic to take hair from frizzy to The NuMe straightener delivers on that promise, and it can take curly hair to straight in no time.

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While some lived up to the high standards I set, some just left a bad taste in my mouth. If you're familiar with hair straighteners, then you know that the most conventional ones use heated "plates" to Best for Dry Hair. NuMe Megastar can be used for versatile.